annual giving

Annual Giving

Building the Legacy... by elevating the University's mission

Annual gifts to Elizabeth City State University reach across our University to help deliver extraordinary opportunities for learning and discovery to our students and faculty. Gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, friends and students, like you, add up each year, working hard to increase scholarships, strengthen curricula, fund community service, enrich the library, and sponsor the arts-enriching the educational experience for all students each and every year.

Your annual gift helps close the gap between the cost of tuition and what each student actually pays in tuition and fee. By stabilizing day-to-day operations, annual gifts keep ECSU flexible by providing critical resilience against unexpected challenges or contingencies.

ECSU is a state-supported institution, so why are annual gifts needed?

ECSU receives funds from three sources: tuition, appropriations from the state's budget, and private support. Though tuition and state monies provide a large part of the university's operating budget, there are always more needs than those two sources can supply – especially when the state's budget is tight. Annual gifts meet crucial academic needs that otherwise would simply go unmet.

What is the difference between Annual Giving and National Alumni Association?

Annual Giving supports the academic mission and priorities of the University. Gifts support technology enhancements and research partnerships, increase scholarships, strengthen curricula, fund community service, enrich the library, and sponsor the arts, among others.

The National Alumni Association is a dues based membership organization supporting alumni outreach across the country. To renew your membership or join the ECSU NAA please click here.

Can I make a gift to benefit a specific college or program?

Gifts may be directed to your preferred University designation, including any school, department, unit or program.

Why are Annual Gifts Important?

  • Annual gifts add up and go to work immediately to support our students as they gain world-class insights and hands-on training.
  • Annual gifts help close the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual amount each student pays in tuition and fees.
  • Annual gifts fund day-to-day operations that help protect ECSU from unexpected challenges or contingencies.
  • Annual gifts are the most direct way to create positive impact on the rich educational experience that touches the entire ECSU community.

How do I update my contact information?

We want you to stay connected to ECSU! But to do so, we need your current contact information. Please visit here to update your contact information or call Alumni Relations at (252) 335-3224.

Questions about Annual Giving? Please call 252-335-3225