International Students who plan to withdraw from Elizabeth City State University or plan to take a leave of absence (or plan to be outside the U.S. for one or more semesters) should consult with the PDSO/DSO in the Office of the Registrar to discuss how these plans will affect their current and future immigration status. After the fact notification is not acceptable and will result in students being “out of Status”.

An international student who requests a leave of absence may be eligible to interrupt his/her program of study if certain procedures are followed.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students may only interrupt the program of study by withdrawing from the University. You should consult with a PDSO/DSO in the Office of the Registrar regarding circumstances for withdrawal.  A signature from a  PDSO/DSO in the Office of the Registrar must be on the Withdrawal Request Form. You will be advised as to the immigration ramifications of a withdrawal.

Graduate Students

Graduate students in good academic standing may interrupt their program of study for valid reasons (e.g. family, illness, etc.) by requesting a leave of absence from graduate study for a definite period of time not to exceed one (1) calendar year. The request for leave of absence must be coordinated through the academic department to the Graduate School. It is your responsibility to notify International Admissions of this recommendation and provide a copy of the official recommendation letter. An International Admissions Advisor will then inform you as to how this leave of absence may affect your nonimmigrant status. International Admissions will notify the Graduate School that you have contacted the PDSO/DSO in the Office of the Registrar and have been counseled regarding any legal consequences of taking a leave of absence.

In order to resume your program of study, you will be required to apply for re-admission to ECSU and complete a new Financial Guarantee Certification before a new Form I-20 (F-1) can be issued. If you have pending matters with the University, additional requirements may be requested.