Champion Scholars



To provide relevant academic, professional, cultural, and social engagement opportunities to men that promotes their holistic development in student success, leadership, and cultural and civic engagement.


To be a leading partner in the efforts to enhancing educational achievement and cultural engagement for minority men within the region.


  • Improve retention rate for ECSU men;
  • Increase graduation rate for ECSU men;
  • Instill a sense of pride in being a member of an ECSU men’s initiative program;
  • Establish a sense of group unity and academic mindedness in support of graduation efforts;
  • Instill an overall commitment to achieve student success
  • Provide professional development and leadership training opportunities


  • Be a first-year student
  • Self-identify as male
  • Reside in Bias Hall


  • Participate in training, activities, workshops, and events;
  • Challenge yourself to achieve new goals and explore alternatives;
  • Expand and cultivate relationships amongst a network of professionals and peers;
  • Learn how to operate in a network of talented peers;
  • Dress and conduct yourselves in an appropriate and professional manner;
  • Encourage, uplift, and support peers;
  • Be a willing to serve and volunteer across the ECSU campus and Elizabeth City Community;
  • Make intentional efforts to monitor and support your academic success;
  • Take initiative in developing and cultivating positive relationships;
  • Listen and keep an open mind in order to benefit from the experiences, insights, and advice;
  • Treat others time and contributions as value;
  • Respond promptly to request received regarding the CHAMPION Scholars program;
  • Be polite and courteous;
  • Accept leadership responsibilities that may arise;
  • Complete assessment and surveys;
  • Participate in a focus group as needed;