Champion Scholars

Champion Scholars

Character, Hustle, and Awareness to Manage Prosperity and Impact Opportunity through Necessity


To provide relevant academic, professional, cultural, and social engagement opportunities to males that promotes their holistic development in student success, leadership, and cultural and civic engagement.


To be a leading partner in the efforts to enhancing minority male educational achievement and cultural engagement within the region.


  • Improve ECSU male retention rate.
  • Increase ECSU male graduation rate.
  • Make graduate school/professional program education a viable choice for ECSU minority male students.
  • Instill a sense of pride in being a member of an ECSU male student program.
  • Establish a sense of group unity and academic mindedness in support of graduation efforts.
  • Instill an overall commitment to achieve student success.
  • Provide students with monthly workshops ranging from financial awareness, character enhancement, interpersonal relationship management, and cultural enrichment to facilitate successful matriculation into life after college.
  • Provide professional development and leadership training opportunities

Eligibility: Freshmen First Year Students in University Towers

As a member of the CHAMPION Scholars program, students have access to peer mentors, a network of campus resource partners, career, cultural, and civic exploration trips, opportunities to attend educational conferences and student leadership, and a select group of faculty and staff allies to help guide you while on their path to success.


Character, Hustle, and Awareness to Manage Prosperity and Impact Opportunity through Necessity (CHAMPION) Scholars embodies several expectations of each of its members. We expected the following: 

  • Participate in training, activities, workshops, and events;
  • Utilize professional communication at all times;
  • Arrive to meetings and events on time and prepared;
  • Increased confidence when dealing with professionals;
  • Challenge yourself to achieve new goals and explore alternatives;
  • Expand and cultivate relationships amongst a network of professionals and peers;
  • Learn how to operate in a network of talented peers;
  • Dress and conduct yourselves in an appropriate and professional manner;
  • Encourage, uplift, and support peers;
  • Maintain a high level of communication amongst peers and ECSU constituents;
  • Be a willing to serve and volunteer across the ECSU campus and Elizabeth City Community;
  • Intentional effort to monitor and support your academic success;
  • Take initiative in developing and cultivating positive relationships;
  • Listen and keep an open mind in order to benefit from the experiences, insights, and advice;
  • Treat others time and contributions as value;
  • Respond promptly to request received regarding the CHAMPION Scholars program;
  • Be polite and courteous;
  • Accept leadership responsibilities that may arise;
  • Complete assessment and surveys;
  • Participate in a focus group as needed;
  • Be available for possible interviews to share your experiences in the program