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It is our hope and priority that students feel integrated into the rich fabric of this diverse community and make a positive contribution to it. The Good Neighbor Initiative seeks to encourage students to engage in positive and intentional efforts to build connections and relationships within their residential community.

Good Neighbor establishes basic guidelines for ECSU students to be good neighbors and to conduct themselves as responsible members of the community. This webpage is designed to provide useful information for students and our community members that can aid in positive relationship building and addressing concerns effectively.

ECSU is committed to providing resources and support to promote connections between the University, its students, and the local community. Vikings, welcome to the neighborhood!


Off-Campus Neighborhood Relations

Behavioral Expectations for Off-Campus Students

All students are expected to abide by the ECSU Student Code of Conduct. All students living throughout the neighborhood, as well as those who live on campus, but travel through the neighborhood, should recognize the impact that their behavior may have on the community. Being respectful of one another is an important first step in being a Good Neighbor.

Some residents have made some suggestions on how to be a Good Neighbor while attending Elizabeth City State University.

  1. Knock on your neighbor's door and introduce yourself.
  2. Be friendly and courteous. Say hello when passing in the street.
  3. Ask if older neighbors need help with anything.
  4. Respect the community like it is your neighborhood from your home town/city.
  5. Realize that there are families living here, some for many generations.  They go to work and school in the mornings, so be mindful of your noise.
  6. Don't dump trash around.
  7. Participate in University events and clean-ups with the neighborhood.

You are now a member of our community

Your civic responsibility is to participate in local matters and remain a productive and contributing member of our community. Below are some local resources available to you.

Click here to view city government information.

Click here to view voting information in Pasquotank County.  

Click here for electric power information.  

Click here for fire department information.

Click here for Elizabeth City Police Department information.

It is important to consider the needs of all of your neighbors whether they are fellow students, university employees, or long-time residents of the Elizabeth City community. You should practice civility and be a good neighbor by:

  • Introducing yourself! Put a face and a name to your place. Share your contact information for emergencies, as you feel comfortable.
  • Show respect to your neighbors and their guest(s). Avoid playing loud music that can be heard outside of your property or notify your neighbor(s) in advance. You may ask them to call you before contacting the police. Avoid parking on the lawn or blocking driveways, without permission. Avoid belligerent or lewd language when interacting with landlords, neighbors, guest(s), and law enforcement.
  • Maintain your property/apartment. Educate yourself on the rules and keep your space maintained accordingly. Mow your lawn if you are responsible for yard upkeep. Pick up litter on your property and dispose of trash and recycling properly. Don't damage or deface the property. Don’t leave indoor furniture outdoors. Click here for a list of common code violations in the City of Elizabeth City.
  • Pay your bills. Contact your landlord for instructions on how to pay your rent and other living expenses. Click here for a list of utility services in the City of Elizabeth City.

ECSU expects that students will conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, civility, and citizenship both on and off-campus. The university is committed to assisting neighborhood residents and students to prevent and respond to disruptive incidents that may arise from student behavior in the local community.

Disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive and/or unreasonable noise
  • Large disruptive activities
  • Illegal use, sale, and/or distribution of alcohol or other drugs
  • Waste/Trash issues
  • Violations of local community standards


Disciplinary investigations will be initiated when the university becomes aware of such behavior in the surrounding community. Violating the law o­ff-campus may result in students receiving consequences from both criminal court and ECSU for the same incident.


Referrals about disruptive behavior can be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students. Students and community members are encouraged to reach out if we can be of support to you or your neighborhood. Contact Ms. Tiffany Hinton, Assistant Dean of Student Development to find the best avenue to help you meet your needs.

The neighborhood is only as vigorous as you make it. Become involved in the local community by not only getting to know your neighbors but also through volunteerism and participation in local events. The Elizabeth City-area neighborhoods have plenty of offerings, great sites to see, and many ways to engage with the local area.

You may view the Elizabeth City Parks and Recreation Master Plan here. You will find local and regional parks and recreation facilities.  

You may view local events in the city of Elizabeth City here.


Are you looking for ways to volunteer in the local community?

Contact Ms. Tiffany Hinton, Assistant Dean of Student Development at







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