first in flight-aviation



To create an aviation centric, safe, and fun learning environment for learners to and allow for the student resident to be surrounded by aviation career minded individuals in their own on campus residential space for students to develop skills vital for their academic and professional growth.


This community will be established to foster and synergize aviation scholars in the newly developed and state-of-the art residence hall “Viking Towers”, where everyone in the community shares a passion for aviation and will socialize through planned aviation and cultural events, activities, and group studies.


Students will be able to engage with faculty in with in the Aviation and Emergency Management Department, academic advisors, alumni, and others on a more personal level.  Students will be exposed to a positive aviation and aerospace education experience, grow together academically and socially, and network for possible career opportunities after graduation within a relaxed and supportive community.


Freshman or first-year student who shares a passion for aviation and identifies with or have an interest within the community should be allowed to join however, only if space is available upper-class students may apply as mentors.


  • Participate in training, activities, workshops, and events
  • Challenge yourself to achieve new goals and explore alternatives
  • Expand and cultivate relationships amongst a network of professionals and peers
  • Learn how to operate in a network of talented peers
  • Encourage, uplift, and support peers
  • Be willing to serve and volunteer across the ECSU campus and Elizabeth City Community
  • Make intentional efforts to monitor and support your academic success
  • Take initiative in developing and cultivating positive relationships
  • Listen and keep an open mind to benefit from the experiences, insights, and advice
  • Respond promptly to requests received regarding the First in Flight program;
  • Accept leadership responsibilities that may arise
  • Complete assessment and surveys
  • Participate in a focus group as needed 

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