Information for Faculty and Staff


Information for Faculty and Staff


Information for ECSU Faculty & Staff in working with students with disabilities (SWD):

Students with disabilities ((SWD) are a rapid growing minority at ECSU, as elsewhere in American higher education. To assure equal opportunity to participate, both physical and programmatic access must be provided. This means more than the removal of architectural barriers and the provision of auxiliary services. It means that reasonable accommodations must also be made in the instructional process.

The ECSU’s Office of Student Accessibility and Testing Services act as an advocate and primary resource for students with disabilities. Just as importantly, SATS seeks to inform, instruct, and support ECSU faculty, staff & administration in their provision of and responsibility to provide appropriate accommodation to students with disabilities.

The SATS office will provide accommodated testing services for students requiring a reduced distraction or specific assistive technology. Please contact a SATS if you have concerns or difficulties in providing the required extended time.

Faculty are encouraged to announce at the beginning of the semester or put a statement in the syllabus inviting student with disabilities to schedule an appointment. The following is a sample of a statement for the syllabus which may be used or modified to suit your course:

"If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing accommodations of any type in order to participate in this class, you must notify the Student Accessibility & Testing Services Office  (117 CW Griffin Bldg., 252-335-3273; 252-335-3642), provide necessary documentation of the disability and arrange for the appropriate authorized accommodations. Once these accommodations are approved, please identify yourself to me so we can implement these accommodations."

If a faculty member suspects that a student has a disability, discuss the concern with the student and refer them to the Student Accessibility/Testing Services office. If a disability is brought to the attention of the faculty member, the faculty member is encouraged to contact the Student Accessibility & Testing Services Office to verify the disability and to discuss accommodations.

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  • STEP 1: Official Acceptance to ECSU
  • STEP 2: Submit Request for Services to:
  • STEP 3: Student will electronically receive, complete, sign, and return:
  • STEP 4: Student will meet with Coordinator
  • STEP 5: Approved Accommodation Plan electronically sent to student and Professor for signature; returned forms kept for confidential filing.
  • STEP 6:Electronic signed forms kept for confidential filing


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