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about Student engagement & Leadership


The Department of Student Engagement & Leadership at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) is more than just a place. We  serves as a guide for students to mold and create their Viking Pride experience.  We understand that student engagement outside of the classroom contributes to the importance of learning and a holistic well rounded college experience that prepares students for opportunities after graduation.

Additionally we serve as a catalyst to engage and involve students by:

  • Providing advising, training and mentoring to student leaders.
  • Inspiring students to become active members of the campus and their communities.
  • Coordinate and implement educational, cultural, social activities and recreational programs for the campus community.
  • Implement programs that foster interactions among the diverse members of the University community.
  • Maintaining lively spaces and resources for student-focused initiatives that enrich our campus culture.
  • Designing and supporting programs, venues and resources that cultivate student expression.

Finally, we provide specialized leadership programs, access to over 60 student clubs and organizations, full-time support to Vikings Assisting New Students, Greek Life, Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Viking Fest,  Welcome Week, Royal Court & Campus Recreation.  

We believe co-curricular involvement is essential to student success and the Department of Student Engagement and Leadership completes your educational experience at Elizabeth City State University.


Viking Pride, Viking Pride, Viking Pride!