Responsible Employees

responsible employees


In order to proactively enable the University to respond effectively and to stop all Prohibited Conduct involving students at the University, all Responsible Employees must immediately report information they have about alleged or possible Prohibited Conduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Responsible Employees will safeguard an individual's privacy, but are required by the University to share a report of Sex or Gender Based Harassment, Interpersonal Violence, or Stalking (including the known details of the incident and the names of the parties) with the Title IX Coordinator. It is important to understand that any faculty or staff designated as a Responsible Employee under this Policy are required to share a report of Sex or Gender-Based Harassment, Interpersonal Violence, or Stalking with the Title IX Coordinator. 

Who Is a Responsible Employee?

A Responsible Employee includes any employee:

  • who has the authority to take action to redress sex discrimination; 
  • who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sex discrimination or any other misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate school designee;
  • an employee whom a person could reasonably believe has this authority or duty.

Faculty and staff who are statutorily prohibited from reporting such information are exempt from these requirements, including licensed mental and medical health-care professionals (i.e. Licensed Counselors or Medical Doctor).

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