Voting FAQ

voting faq


Early voting is a system that lets people cast their vote before election day. For more information click here:

Absentee voting is voting by paper, but you do not have to vote in person. Absentee voting allows you to mail in your vote. Most states require you to have an actual reason as to why you want to absentee vote, such as, being unable to get to your polling place due to illness, injury, or disability, being on business travel or vacation outside of your county or city of residence on Election Day, being a student at an out-of-state college or university. Most states also have deadlines for absentee voting, so be sure to cast your vote before those deadlines.

  • College students have the option of registering in the state where they are enrolled as a student OR registering in the state where they are from and where their parents/guardians reside.
  • Students can only register in ONE location and only cast ONE vote.
  • Students should consider the following:
    • Where do I reside the majority of the year?
    • Where will I be during the election season?
    • What community do I want to be a part of?
    • Which registration location will result in me actually voting?
    • Students can register in Pasquotank County! ECSU is located in the South Precinct and our voting location is K. E. White Graduate Center.

The requirements of voting are:

      • U.S. Citizen
      • 18 years or older
      • Live in the county for 30 days
      • Not serving a sentence for felony conviction


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