Use the following table to review the strengths and limitations of the Elizabeth City State campus alert tools. These tools are not intended for use in all instances, but are reserved for emergencies that present a broad, immediate, and ongoing threat to campus:

Alert Tool Description Strengths Limitations
Home Page Message A message alerting the campus about the emergency will be posted on the ECSU website home page.  Provides more detailed information about the emergency as it becomes available. Individual must be online.
Campus Hotline


Used for a wide range of announcements, including adverse weather and emergency situations. 
Easily updated. Could be overloaded by callers seeking information in an emergency.
Emergency Tones Voice and emergency tone towers sound a siren alert throughout campus to alert those outside to seek emergency information (website, media, etc.). Alerts a large area quickly.

Not intended for those inside buildings.

Acts as a signal to seek more information.
Mass Email Message A broadcast email goes to everyone who has a university email account. Not bound by text limitations as in a text message. Therefore, a more thorough explanation of the situation can be given. It could take considerable time for delivery to all email accounts.
Text Messaging SMS text message Message goes directly to the recipient.

The numbers of characters in a text are limited to about 140.

It may take a few hours for the message to be delivered, depending on cellular service provider.

The system might be slowed by increased cell phone activity during an emergency.
Campus and External Media Radio Station WRVS-FM 89.9 and television station WBB18/22 Broadcast media (network television) Can provide a more thorough explanation of the situation than would be included in a text message. Non-campus news outlets may be delayed in providing specific details until they have confirmed with their sources.
Emergency Listserv Each building on campus has at least one building liaison. The listserv would provide an email message to the building liaisons, who would then spread the word Provides a first-person word-of-mouth warning. Not as effective in a building directly involved in the emergency


For periodic updates about campus safety initiatives, visit the ECSU Alert Page. We are committed to working with all members of the university community to help make Elizabeth City State University a safe place to live, work, and learn.