Eyualem Abebe
Eyualem Abebe

Eyualem  Abebe

Professor and Chair, Natural Sciences
401  Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr. Science Center
Campus Box 930
Phone: (252) 335-3236
Fax: (252) 335-3697
E-mail: ebabebe@ecsu.edu




PhD. & MSc., Ghent University, Belgium;
MSc. & BSc., Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Dr. Abebe is an organismal biologist with extensive experience in nematode biology (nematology) with special focus on aquatic habitats. Dr. Abebe has served in various capacities at various universities including as the Department Chair and Research and Publications Officer. He currently serves as an editorial board member and section editor for four professional, scientific journals including Nematoda.

Dr. Abebe takes training of undergraduate students through research very seriously and welcomes inquiries from students about research opportunities in his lab. 


Dr Abebe teaches undergraduate and graduate courses.

A. Undergraduate:

  • General Ecology (Ecol 301);                         
  • Parasitology (online) (Biol 303);                
  • General Biology for Majors I & II (Biol 101 Biol 102);
  • Special Problems in Biology (Biol 489);
  • Biological Research (Biol 499);

B. Graduate:

  • Scientific Research and Communication (BIol 500)
  • Ecology and Organismal Biology (Biol 509)
  • Special Topics in Advanced Biology (Biol 518);
  • Graduate Seminar (Biol 610) 

MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (5 from a total of a total 52):

  1. Eyualem Abebe, Tesfamariam Mekete, Awol Seid, Beira H. Meressa, Mesfin Wondafrash, Temesgen Addis, Gezahegn Getaneh and Birhan Abate. 2015. Research on Plant-parasitic and Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Ethiopia: a review of current state and future direction. Nematology 17: 741-759.
  2. Abebe-Akele F, Tisa L, Cooper V, Eyualem Abebe, Thomas WK. 2015.  Genome sequence and comparative analysis of an entomopathogenic Serratia isolated from Caenorhabditis briggsae.  BMC Genomics 16:531 DOI: 10.1186/s12864-015-1697-8; URL: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2164/16/531
  3. Solomon Belay, Aklilu Amsalu & Eyualem Abebe. 2014. Land use and land cover changes in Awash National Park, Ethiopia: impact of decentralization on the use and management of resources. Open Journal of Ecology 4: 950-960. http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/oje.2014.415079
  4. Eyualem Abebe, Tesfamariam Mekete and Wilfrida Decraemer. 2014. E-typing for nema-todes: An assessment of type specimen use by nematode taxonomists with a summary of types deposited at the Smithsonian Nematode Collection. Nematology. http://booksandjournals.brillonline.com/content/journals/10.1163/15685411-00002826;jsessionid=1meuaxxeq7i4f.x-brill-live-03
  5. Vongvilay Keovilayvong, Jeremiah Lancaster, Keith Levin, Frank Weber, Christopher Fightmaster, William Kahan, Roberto Frontera-Suau, and Eyualem Abebe. 2013. Cultivable microbial diversity in an acidic temperate lake, Lake Phelps, NC. Journal of the North Caro-lina Academy of Science. 129(02): 58-65.