Krishna Kulkarni
Krishna Kulkarni

Krishna  Kulkarni

Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
139  H. L. Trigg Bldg.
Campus Box 951
Phone: (252)335-3750
Fax: (252)335-3487




Ph. D. (Graph Theory), Karnatak University, Dharwad, India,

M. S. (Computer & Information Sciences), University of Alabama at Birmingham,

M. Sc. (Math), Karnatak University, Dharwad, India,

B. Sc. (Math), Karnatak University, Dharwad, India

Positions Holding/Held:

1. 1995 to present: Elizabeth City State University, NC.

2009-2010: Interim Chairperson, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

2004 to present: Professor,

1998-2004: Associate Professor,

1995-98: Assistant Professor

2. 1990-95: Assistant Professor, Rust College, Mississippi

3. 1981-88: Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, College of Health Sciences, Bahrain

4. 1978-81: Lecturer in Mathematics, Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI), Mumbai, India

Teaching Activities at ECSU:

Mathematics - Modern Algebra, Graph theory, Advanced Calculus, Complex Variables, Number Theory, Calculus II, Basic Statistics, Pre-Calculus, etc.

Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence, Numerical Computing, Operating Systems, Database, Programming Languages, Data Structures, Java programming , C++ programming, C programming, Computer Science Seminars, etc.

Funded Projects:

1. NSF supplementary grant proposal for 28,600 for participating in the DOE Faculty and Student Team at the National Argonne Laboratory during summer 2004.

2. In collaboration with five other investigators of the project, carried out the project 'Long Term archive of the DUCK94 Nearshore Field Experiment Data Set'. The project was funded for $66,545 for the year 1999. 3. In collaboration with two other colleagues, carried out the project NOVA which was funded for $29,000.

Directing Graduate Theses:

1. Mr. Dennis Brown - Erdos-Sos Conjecture in Graph Theory.

2. Brian Jordan - Analyzing the Impact of SAT Scores on Academic Achievement at Elizabeth City State University


1. Algorithms for Interval Graphs, M. S. Thesis, University of Alabama at Birmingham (1991)

2. Some Topics in Graph Theory (Transitive Digraphs and Edge-Locally Connected Graphs), Ph. D. Thesis, Karnatak University, Dharwad (1976)


1. (With A. Sprague) Optimal parallel algorithms for finding cut vertices and bridges of interval graphs, Information Processing Letts. 42(1992), 229-234.

2. Sufficient conditions for edge-locally connected and n-connected graphs, Casopis Pest. Mat. 106 (1981), 112-116. MR 82 m:05064

3. Minimally locally 1-connected graphs, Bull. Austral. Math. Soc.19(1978), 77-80. MR 80 b:05041

4. (With E. Sampathkumar) Transitive digraphs and topologies on a set, J. Karnatak Univ. Sc. 18 (1973), 266-273. MR 50 #12973

Professional Society Membership: Member of Mathematical Association of America