Homecoming FAQs



When is ECSU’s 2021 Homecoming and that is this year’s theme? 

Homecoming will take place October 17-24, 2021.  This year’s theme is, Vikings Unleashed:  REUNITED!  We are excited to be REUNITED while showing our Viking Pride! 


Will Homecoming 2021 be in-person? 

Yes. We look forward to welcoming alumni, families, and friends back to Viking Land for an in-person Homecoming experience.  


What are the Homecoming 2021 events? 

We thought you’d never ask! Please visit the Homecoming Events webpage for the line-up of Vikings Unleashed: REUNITED events for students, alumni, families and friends to enjoy.


Will there be a Homecoming Parade this year? 

Yes. We are excited to continue this traditional event in the beautiful City of Elizabeth City.  We welcome Mr. Montre’ Freeman, City Manager, City of Elizabeth City as this year’s Homecoming Parade Grand Marshal.  If you are interested in participating in the parade or have questions about the route, please visit the Parade webpage to learn more about this event.


Will you allow Vendors to participate in Homecoming events? 

Yes.  Homecoming creates an exceptional marketplace for vendors.  Please visit the Vendor webpage for more information.


Will I need to purchase all Homecoming event tickets in advance? 

The Homecoming Football Game will be the only event where tickets will be sold in advance and on game day.  Due to capacity limits for indoor events, we strongly encourage you to purchase event tickets in advance.  If you do not purchase an advanced ticket for an indoor event, please do not stand in line to purchase a ticket during the event.  Tickets will not be available. For more information about purchasing tickets, please visit the Ticket webpage.


How do I purchase tailgating tickets? 

Please visit the Tickets webpage for more information.


Where can I stay for Homecoming? 

There are several lodging facilities located within Elizabeth City.  Additionally, there are a few great finds on Airbnb.com. Please visit the Hotel Accommodations webpage for more information on where to stay during Homecoming. 

Can events for Homecoming 2021 change due to COVID-19 guidelines? 

Yes.  Homecoming 2021 is being planned based on the current CDC recommendations and NCDHHS guidelines related to COVID-19.  These events can change at any time. Please continue to monitor all messages related to updates on Homecoming. 


What should I do if I begin to feel sick or develop symptoms related to COVID-19? 

If you begin to feel sick or develop any symptoms and you are attending the Homecoming Parade or Football Game, please seek assistance from EMS.  If you are on campus at any Homecoming Events, please notify someone in your group and contact 911. 


Are masks or face coverings required while on campus and at events? 

As of August 3, 2021, per the Chancellor’s Communique, all ECSU faculty, staff, and students are required to wear masks or face coverings indoors, regardless of vaccination status. We will require all visitors to wear a mask when they enter any enclosed spaces on campus except when actively eating or drinking. At this time no masks are required outdoors. 


Is there a type of mask that will be required, e.g. KN95 or similar? 
No specific type of mask is required as long as it covers both a person’s nose and mouth. We ask that you bring your own mask or face covering to campus.  It wouldn’t hurt to bring extra! 


Will proof of vaccination be required to access campus for visitors? 
No. Proof of vaccine and/or a negative COVID-19 test are not required at this time.  However, employees and current students might be subjected to provide proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test.  Additionally, employees and students might be subjected to COVID-19 testing for specific events. 


Why is ECSU mandating masks for campus visitors? 
This decision is due to the increased prevalence of the Delta COVID-19 variant--including among people who are vaccinated--in many parts across the nation that includes areas from which our alumni, families, and guests are traveling. While we are fortunate to have an increasing vaccination rate on campus, we must be vigilant to ensure the health and safety of our students and campus community, including those who are vaccinated and may be asymptomatic or experiencing “breakthrough” cases. 


Are there restrictions or guidelines on the number of people attending any of the Homecoming events? 
Yes.  There is a capacity limitation on indoor events to allow for adequate social distancing.  Please be sure to purchase tickets in advance for indoor ticketed events.   


Will social distancing be required for events? 

Yes. Social distancing is strongly enforced at all Homecoming events to include the Football Game, Parade and other events hosted on campus (indoors and outdoors). 


Will any of the Homecoming programming be available virtually this year? 

Yes, the Mr. and Miss Elizabeth City State University Coronation and Community Connections events will be held in-person, but live streamed for your enjoyment if you are not able to attend.  Please tune in on the ECSU YouTube Chanel.  Please note, if the University decides to pivot due to COVID-19 guidelines, the Homecoming Committee will consider providing a Virtual Homecoming Experience. 


Will you offer the vaccine during Homecoming Weekend? 

We are currently working with our health partners to provide the COVID-19 vaccine for visitors during Homecoming Weekend (October 21-23, 2021).   


Will you offer COVID-19 testing during Homecoming Weekend? 

We are currently working with our health partners to provide COVID-19 testing during Homecoming Weekend (October 21-23, 2021). 

Is there an opportunity for me to be a Sponsor and/or make a financial gift? 

Yes. We are excited about the Sponsorship opportunities for Homecoming 2021. Visit University Advancement for more giving information.

Are Greeks allowed to gather at their designated plots? 

Yes.  We encourage Greeks to fellowship safely.  Please continue to social distance and use your better judgment when gathering to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others. 

Will Greeks be allowed to grill and cook on the plots? 

Yes.  Greeks are allowed to grill and cook on the plots using all safety precautions.  Undergraduate members are responsible for enforcing the policies and procedures associated with Fraternity & Sorority Life. 

How much is parking during Homecoming events? 

There is a charge for parking during the Homecoming Football Game.  Otherwise, all events have free parking.  Please see the Parking page for more information.

To help you enjoy the Viking Pride Spirit of Homecoming, here are some safety tips and parking/traffic regulation info, for you, your friends and your family members. 

What are the security measures during ECSU Homecoming Week?  

The ECSU Homecoming Committee is working with ECSU Campus Police, ECSU Emergency Management, and the City of Elizabeth City (City Manager’s Office, Police Department, Fire Department, and Parks & Recreation) to ensure the safest possible experience. You will notice uniformed and plain-clothed security throughout the campus and surrounding areas. They are there to keep you safe, so do not hesitate to ask them for help if you need immediate assistance. For the safety of everyone at the event, all attendees are subject to a full and complete airport-style search prior to entry. This may include a full body pat-down and magnetometer or hand wand screening before entry. If you would like to be screened by security personnel of your same gender, please let security personnel know prior to the search process. Screening of children will always take place with the consent of a parent or guardian. 

How do I gain access to any Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessible Viewing Areas?  

To access any ADA Accessible Viewing Areas, including reserving a wheelchair accessible space, or requesting any other accommodation, please contact ecsuhomecoming@ecsu.edu by October 8, 2021 at 5:00 PM. 


Will Food and Beverage be available?  

Concession food and non-alcoholic beverage options will be available for purchase. 

Homecoming Committee Chair 
Kevin Wade, 252.335.3271 or email: ecsuhomecoming@ecsu.edu 


Student Events 
Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (Student Events) 
Chanta Poyner, 252.335.8719 or email: cmpoyner@ecsu.edu  


Alumni Events, Class Reunions 
Office of Alumni Affairs 
Enoch Bond, 252.335.3224, edbond@ecsu.edu 
ECSU National Alumni Association 


Fundraising Events and Sponsorships 

Office of University Advancement, 252.335.3225 



Ticket Office: 252.335.3578  

Football Game, Tailgating, Vending (Football Game), Game Day Parking

Athletics Office: 252.335.3891 


Other Homecoming Events  

Trina Gregory, Vending Chair: 252.335.3112 or tlgregory3@ecsu.edu 


Football Game  

Dorain Spence, Athletic Vending:  252.335.3891 or daspence@ecsu.edu   


Monet Earle, Parade Chair: 252.335.3271 or ecsuhomecoming@ecsu.edu 



Office of Communications and Marketing: cam@ecsu.edu 


Campus Safety 
University Police: 252.335.3266

In case of an Emergency: 911 

How do I apply for media and press credentials?  

Media questions and press credential requests for ECSU Homecoming Week can be addressed to ecsuhomecoming@ecsu.edu. If we are able to accommodate your request, we will be in touch before the event. Please note that access will be extremely limited, and a thorough credentialing check will be conducted for all requests.  


What are your social media accounts I can follow?  



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If I have a question, how can I reach you? 

Please send all questions to:  ecsuhomecoming@ecsu.edu