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COVID-19 Guidance

ECSU lifted the mask mandate on campus starting Monday, March 7.  

You are no longer required to wear a mask on campus.  While the mask mandate is lifted, you are welcome to wear a mask based upon your personal preference.

Social distancing and capacity restrictions are lifted.  

You will not be required to provide proof of a negative COVID test or vaccination to gain entry to athletic or other large-scale events.


COVID-19 Vaccinations:

Please take personal responsibility and take the necessary steps to protect you, your families, your co-workers, and our students.

Effective August 31, 2022, ECSU will no longer provide paid work time for permanent and temporary employees for vaccinations occurring within regular work hours. 

*Vaccinations are optional and are not required by ECSU. However, you must submit to regular testing if you are not vaccinated.

Employee / Manager Procedure

Effective August 15, 2022, the option to use the COVID -19 paid administrative leave expires for absences due to isolation orders or non-quarantine possible exposures or symptoms; employees must use personal leave. 



Effective June 30, 2021, Remote work under the communicable disease emergency policy expired. Managers may continue on-going remote work arrangements under their institutions regular flexible work arrangements procedure. Please reach out to the Office of Human Resources for additional assistance. 

Please see Flexible Work Arrangements and Remote Work Policy for more information.


Domestic/International Travel

We will allow essential domestic travel for the fall semester. However, this will require manager’s review and approval.

International travel – There will be no international travel for the fall. During the fall semester, we will create a process that will allow us to factor in the guidance of the World Health Organization and the CDC as it relates to international travel restrictions. There will be an approval process which will be contingent upon business needs and destination-specific travel advisories.


Workplace Accommodation Support

If an employee requests an accommodation that is based on medical circumstances, they should use the ADA accommodations process managed by the Office of Human Resources. This process is confidential, and their medical information will not be shared with their supervisor. Accommodations could include an altered work schedule, assignment to a remote work schedule, or a changed office depending on the medical information received. 

If there are requests for flexibility for reasons other than medical circumstances (e.g., childcare matters, age, caretaking responsibilities for or cohabitating with a high-risk individual), employees are encouraged to work with their supervisors to identify solutions that balance individual needs with the university as a whole. 

Employee Assistance Program
Call: 866.511.3365
TTY: 800.697.0353
App: GuidanceNow

PPE for Employees

The university is obtaining the requisite PPE (personal protective equipment) for specific employees whose job requires continuous engagement with community members. The university is procuring face shields, masks, gloves, and other PPE that will give employees the confidence to do their jobs effectively. Supervisors will be provided with the requisite PPE that will assist them with fulfilling their job requirements. All employees, no matter their job responsibilities, will be able to receive a reusable mask, if they do not wish to use their personal face mask/covering.

COVID Campus Coordinator
Tanisha Brumsey
Phone: 252-335-3874