ECSU Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Elizabeth City State University’s strategic plan for 2020-2025, Forging Our Future, focuses on how best to utilize our strengths and serve our students in providing access to a high quality, affordable education at North Carolina’s premier institution.
ECSU is where leaders are created. Leaders are courageous, resilient, and empowered. Our strategic plan is built with integrity and compassion, supporting our students, faculty and staff as we develop the innovators, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and creators of tomorrow.
Our 2020-2025 plan was intentionally developed with a vision for our collective future. Our high-quality academic programs align with community demands, meet employer needs, enhance our region and state, and drive economic development to guarantee the future success and sustainability of ECSU.
We live to serve our students. Viking Pride is not just about the institution- it is about the people. People who serve humanity with a passion for life-long learning and strive for excellence as the standard. This plan supports your purpose in life.
We are a proud family, and together, we will continue our legacy of success!



Elizabeth City State University ensures access to excellent, student-centered, experiential learning. ECSU offers bachelor's, professional, and master's degrees. Through practical education, applied research, and public and private partnerships, we prepare a diverse student body for personal and professional success to positively impact the region, state, nation, and beyond.


Elizabeth City State University will be a premier public institution and a leading partner for economic, social, and environmental progress. We will be a destination institution that develops leaders who will make a positive difference now and in the future.


  • Accountability – Administration, faculty, staff, and students will be responsible and transparent in their actions
  • Commitment – Dedication to our students, community, and advancing the university will be our priority
  • Excellence – Unparalleled teaching, learning, and service to the university and community will be our measure for success
  • Collaboration Teamwork and partnerships with our stakeholders will be utilized to achieve common goals
  • Inclusion – Diverse viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds will be respected and welcomed



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Provide high-quality academic programs steeped in experiential learning that fully utilize our strengths as a university and enhance our region

Goal 1 Objectives

1.1 Implement real-life and applied research into the curriculum
1.2 Promote an academic environment centered on student success
1.3 Invest in faculty development to maximize excellence in teaching, research, and service
1.4 Expand our academic program offerings, services, and learning opportunities to align with community demand and meet the needs of employers
1.5 Expand the national prominence of our aviation program
1.6 Collaborate with regional K-12 local education agencies to enhance education and preparation quality and deliver best-practices


Create transformative experiences for our students that support academic outcomes and build Viking spirit

Goal 2 Objectives

2.1 Prepare students for life through robust co-curricular and extra-curricular campus activities
2.2 Enhance the on-campus living experience
2.3 Enhance the off-campus life experience
2.4 Ensure student services align with student needs and expectations
2.5 Build a competitive athletic program that develops our student athletes into well-rounded leaders as well as brings recognition and pride to the university 
2.6 Cultivate and promote our unique Viking culture and pride
2.7 Ensure our campus is diverse and inclusive for all students


Maximize our potential through improved enrollment processes and investment in recruitment, retention, and completion efforts

Goal 3 Objectives

3.1 Identify strategic opportunities for sustainable growth in new student population
3.2 Maximize retention, persistence, and graduation rates
3.3 Improve enrollment management practices and processes

Promote and progress the institution through the engagement of our students, alumni, and other stakeholders

Goal 4 Objectives

4.1 Cultivate and promote a campus-wide culture of service and giving to the university
4.2 Engage all alumni in meaningful and strategic ways
4.3 Implement an effective marketing and communication plan to increase visibility and promote successes
4.4 Redesign our fund development philosophy and infrastructure to enable transformative giving to the university
4.5 Prioritize engagement with the community and region to support development


Ensure sound and efficient university operations and enhance our customer service quality and delivery

Goal 5 Objectives

5.1 Review and streamline business processes to improve efficiency
5.2 Establish a university-wide culture of excellent customer service
5.3 Leverage technology to support growth
5.4 Develop and maintain facilities that support academic growth and regional advancement
5.5 Attract and retain talented faculty, staff, and administrators


Secure our position as a catalyst in regional economic, social, and environmental development and facilitate collaboration with industry and government to improve our region

Goal 6 Objectives

6.1 Build partnerships with government and industry to drive economic development
6.2 Promote and support faculty applied research and consulting
6.3 Grow community-based experiences and develop opportunities for community involvement