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Communications and Marketing

Brand Summary

Elizabeth City State University's brand is more than just a logo and a tagline. It is a part of our brand. Elizabeth City State University remains positioned for advancement and transformation that builds upon 130+ years of historical legacy, academic excellence, and innovative instruction. The university provides an experience that creates leaders, forges lifetime relationships, and impacts the state of the region and beyond.

The ECSU brand is tied closely to our image, which is expressed across the various traditional and new media the university uses to communicate strategically with our constituents. From printed materials such as letterhead and business cards, to publications, presentations, name badges, promotional items, clothing, signage, advertising and marketing, digital/electronic communications, audio/video productions to logos and marks, our institutional identity makes the visual impression that builds our reputation and our image - two of our key assets.

Essentially, our brand tells the true Elizabeth City State University story, positioning our institute for success, and sparking curiosity, interest, inspiration, and action when connecting with our audience.Through streamlined and unified messaging, the brand becomes the foundation and fiber of the institutional structure and culture, weaved into each university touchpoint – efficiently and consistently building and protecting the Elizabeth City State University brand.


Brand Pillars

Affordable Excellence: Providing an environment that enhances student learning, while preparing its gradautes for leadership roles and lifelong learning.
Legacy of Success: Creating an environment for extraordinary teaching and scholarship – boasting generations of Viking graduates within families.
Where You Matter: The nurturing environment of Elizabeth City State University ensures that each student is more than just a face in the classroom.
Beyond Education: Giving an experience that goes beyond the classroom, holistically preparing our students for their life journey.


ECSU Colors

The official colors of ECSU are royal blue and white with an accent of red. The exact colors are specified using the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Viking blue (royal blue) is PMS 286. White has no PMS number. The red accent is PMS 200. University colors should be matched to official PMS color chips. Colors on computer monitors or color copies may not be correct.

Gray and black are the complementary or supporting colors that may be used.

Viking Blue: PMS 286 C: 100 M: 67 Y: 0 K: 2 #0039A6 R: 0 G: 57 B: 166
Accent Red: PMS 200 C: 3 M: 100 Y: 66 K: 12 #B71234 R: 183 G: 18 B: 52
Complimentary Grey: PMS 421 C: 31 M: 21 Y: 25 K: 0 #B1B9B7 R: 177 G: 185 B: 183
Complimentary Black C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0 #000000 R: 0 G: 0 B: 0



ECSU Logos and Marks

Our logos identify who we are. Consistent usage strengthens the brand. Our brand reflects everything that we do, what we promise, and what you can expect of us. Click the logos to download.

ECSU University Logo

Institutional (Primary) Logo The new signature mark, designed in Keplar font – a modern typeface known for its elegance and warmth – begins with a depiction of Lane Hall, the oldest building on campus and stands upon the words Founded 1891, symbolizing an institution that continues to flourish, does not forget its beginnings, and is rooted in history and tradition.The primary logo should be used on all external communications and on internal communications. Use the logo artwork exactly as it’s given. Do not make up a logo yourself! Never manipulate the logo. Do not change the type, the colors, or the rules around it. Do not redraw it, distort it, or add anything to it.

Alternative Logos

Formal Logo
Formal ECSU Logo
Extreme Horizontal Logo
ECSU Extreme Horizontal Logo



Tagline The institution’s mascot, the Viking, historically is known for growing through constant discovery and triumph of new territories. Similar to the ECSU Viking, many people come to the institution to teach, learn, or discover; however, they depart from the institution equipped with invaluable skills and supported by a network of family, friends and community. The tagline, “Come to Discover. Leave to Conquer.,” exemplifies this journey.

ECSU Tagline

Seal The University Seal is used ONLY for formal academic ceremonies, legal applications, diplomas and official certificates typically issued by the Office of the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee. It is not a symbol for publicizing, marketing, advertising or branding the university or any university programs/activities. The institutional logo should be used for those purposes.

Events Include: Commencement, Founders Day, Convocations


Athletic Logos These logos are to be used strictly for athletic events for Elizabeth City State University. Any other use is prohibited.

ECSU Viking Head - Full ColorECSU Viking Head - BW

NOTE:  All University logos designed for divisions, departments, units, programs, initiatives must be approved by Office of Communications and Marketing (CAM) before they are used on any print or electronic communications. Please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing, cam@ecsu.edu , if you would like assistance in creating a logo design or to begin the design review process.