Emergency Management

ECSU Alert


ECSU is operating under normal conditions.


Sign up to receive text messages about emergencies on your cellphone, by creating an ECSU Rave Mobile Safety account at https://www.getrave.com/login/ecsu; or by entering your cell phone number into your Self Service Banner as your primary contact number or contact Emergency Management (252) 335-4607.


Audible Warning System

Elizabeth City State University uses the ECSU Alert Warning System. When ECSU Alert is activated because of an emergency, the university advises you to follow the motto: Stop. Listen. Communicate.

When the campus-wide emergency tone is heard, STOP whatever you are doing and seek shelter in the nearest building. Look for information via text message, cellular phone, email, ECSU website or other established sources. In some cases, a voice announcement providing brief instructions may accompany the audible tone.

    1. Remain indoors until further notice.
    2. Close windows and doors.
    3. Follow directions.
    4. Assist others around you.
    5. Do not call Campus Police or 911.
    6. The audible tone will signal "all clear" when the emergency is over.
  • The emergency tone is transmitted via a series of pole- or roof-mounted speakers positioned at the Thomas-Jenkins Building, Wamack Hall and Mitchell-Lewis Hall.  These speakers can produce both tone and voice output. Therefore, it is vital to LISTEN for any broadcasts that provide additional information about the nature of the emergency.  Emergencies that warrant system activation:

    1. Fire
    2. Tornado/Hurricane/Violent Storm
    3. Bomb Threat
    4. Suspicious Person
    5. Violent Incident

    In an emergency, promptly follow directions provided, assist persons around you, and refrain from calling Elizabeth City State University Campus Police or 911 unless directly in danger. Too many calls can overload these emergency communications systems, hampering their ability to manage the emergency.

    Listen for further information and the "all clear" signal from campus officials. Any campus emergency initiated by the ECSU Alert system will be closed with an "all clear" signal from the system.

    *Keep in mind that all systems require testing to ensure that they are working properly. Tests will be performed periodically. The campus and surrounding communities will be informed of the tests in advance. Please see the list of scheduled test dates .


Effective communication can save lives when emergencies happen. In the event of an emergency, ECSU strives to provide quick and accurate communication to students, faculty, staff, and guests through the use of ECSU Alert and emergency procedures.


For additional guidance about emergency communication and recommended actions, such as sheltering in place, View our Emergency Procedures.

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth City State University's Campus Police at (252) 335-3266.