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Environmental Health and Safety

Building Emergency & Safety Coordinators

The Building Emergency & Safety Coordinator (BESC) will be your first point of contact for reporting unsafe or unsanitary building conditions and requesting PPE or sanitation supplies. They also complete key action steps during an emergency.
BESC’s play a vital role in your building to ensuring that the University’s Emergency Operations Plan responsibilities are appropriately managed during a crisis. They will serve as essential contacts for each building or area if emergency information must be distributed quickly. They may be called upon to take emergency actions within their buildings such as locking doors or reporting emergencies and/or safety issues to University Police or Facilities. In addition, these individuals have the responsibility of keeping key assets like disposable masks and sanitation materials should a request for those materials be made by a department in the building. Unsanitary or unsafe conditions should be reported directly to the BESC for immediate action. They are the first point of contact to relay your concerns for appropriate action. BESCs will then coordinate with the appropriate housekeeper in your building or facilities personnel to correct any unsanitary or unsafe condition or to receive necessary sanitation or PPE supplies.
Emergency Management Coordinator

David L. Hill, Jr.
Environmental Health & Safety Professional