Homecoming: Vikings Unleashed

Parade Information

The ECSU Homecoming Parade is a university and community tradition. We encourage community groups, clubs and organizations to participate; in addition, the parade is an excellent opportunity for area businesses to showcase themselves to thousands of ECSU students, faculty and alumni, as well as the Elizabeth City community.



ECSU Student Club/Organization: $0.00 *
HS Bands: $0.00 *
ECSU Department ADV: $25.00 *
Community ADV: $50.00 *




  1. The parade staging area will take place at National Guard Armory, 600 Westover Street, Elizabeth City NC (between Sonic and Bojangles).
  2. Registration begins at 7:00 a.m. and all participants must be present no later than 8:00 a.m.
  3. Parking is limited, so please carpool. Vehicles dropping off participants will be directed (by parade volunteers) to the designated drop-off area. If you need to park, please park in the mall parking lot.
  4. All groups participating in the parade will receive a line-up number at registration for easier identification by parade MCs. This number will be given to your group’s representative at check-in. Each group will need to display the number in a prominent location: either on your group’s banner, on the shirt of your group’s leader in the parade, or in the windshield of the group’s leading car.
  5. Registration volunteers will be stationed between Sonic and Bojangles on W. Ehringhaus Street (REGISTRATION SIGNS WILL BE POSTED) and will register you from your car, or give you other instructions, when you pull in. The first person to arrive from each group will receive the group’s line-up number and parking instructions.



  1. Please note that the parade is a rain or shine event.
  2. Parade participants will not leave floats unattended or exit the floats at any time or place during the parade route, except when the parade is over.
  3. The parade speed and distance between units will be enforced by parade officials who will be located throughout the route. Participants must follow parade marshal instructions at all times.
  4. Motorcycle drivers will not perform wheelies or other tricks during the parade; anyone demonstrating unsafe driving will be asked to pull out of the parade.
  5. Participants are asked not to throw or hand out any type of objects from a float/car into the crowd, to avoid potential injury to parade onlookers and/or children. Violators may be excluded from participating in next year’s parade.
  6. Only bands are allowed to briefly stop to perform in front of the parade viewing stand. 
  7. No hand-written signs will be permitted. Signs need to be either professionally printed or fully decorated in a way that best represents your group and the university. Only well decorated units will be featured in event publicity and photos. Please see the attached pictures of approved parade signage.
  8. All vehicles must be clean, in good running condition and with ample fuel.
  9. No alcohol or tobacco products shall be used or advertised by any participant.
  10. Children under the age of 16 must always have an adult supervisor present. 1 adult per 10 children under the age of 18 are required for each group. All other chaperones and guests are asked to please enjoy the parade from the sidewalks.
  11. All entries must pre-registerWalk-up entries will not be allowed.
  12. The use of water pistols, firecrackers or any other explosives is strictly prohibited.
  13. The parade is a family-friendly event; the use of profanity (spoken, on attire, signs, or banners or in music) will not be tolerated. The content of all entries should in no way be unethical, immoral, or offensive. ECSU reserves the right to deny and/or remove any entry that it believes reflects unfavorably upon the image of the university and the parade and/or falls outside community standards for good taste.
  14. Parade staff reserves the right to prevent participation by any entry deemed unsuitable due to safety hazards.
  15. Please be respectful of your fellow parade participants and keep music volume to a minimum during the parade line-up while groups are trying to communicate with one another and get organized.