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Parking on campus is by permit only. All faculty, staff and students (Full-Time or Part-Time) parking on campus are required to register their vehicles with the University Police Department, pay a registration fee and display a valid permit on their vehicle. 

Faculty, staff, and student must place the window permit on the inside of the windshield at the bottom of the passenger side.

Parking Portal Once you have completed the parking registration in the Parking Portal, you can pick up your permit Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.


PARKING WILL OPEN August 1, 2024.


All ECSU students, whether full-time or part-time, who wish to park vehicles on campus, must register their vehicle through the ECSU Parking Portal. A student with three or more outstanding parking citations shall not be permitted to register a vehicle, park on campus or purchase a parking permit until the citations have been paid.


Employees must register their vehicles and purchase a parking decal with five (5) days of their employment, or upon returning to campus for the academic year. Faculty employed to teach during summer sessions are also required to have a parking decal.  

Temporary Employment Parking

Temporary employees must provide documentation to confirm the length of expected employment.

All visitors must report to University Police Department where they are issued a "Visitor's Pass." Visitors are individuals not enrolled or employed by the university. This visitor's parking pass will cover the period the visitor expects to be on campus and will also serve as authorization to park in visitors designated parking spaces. Visitors are expected to comply with university parking and traffic regulations and are held responsible for citations issued for incorrect or improper parking.

When a replacement permit is needed, you must contact the University Police Parking Unit and complete an official report indicating the status of your permit. There is no replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged permits. The current permit will then be canceled.

The parking permit for vehicles can be paid starting August 1st of each year. The fees are annual costs unless otherwise indicated:

Students (Annual) $100.00
Students (one semester) $50.00 (Semi-annual)
Faculty & Staff Reserved $225.00
Faculty & Staff Non-Reserved $115.00
Temporary Employees $9.60 per month, $115.00 year


If there is more than one vehicle driven, a second permit will need to be issued, a copy of the vehicle registration will need to be provided.

Individuals can pay by using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc.) online or at the Cashier.

No parking permit refunds will be granted. All purchases are final. 

Payroll deduction for faculty and staff will begin on August 1st and will be ongoing unless otherwise stated by the Parking Unit. Employees enrolling deduction after the start of the year will have their monthly deductions calculated by dividing the number of months remaining in the fiscal year by the amount of the permit.

Parking Permit (Decals) Fees Months Deducted Amount Deducted
$225.00 - Faculty & Staff Reserved September - November $75.00
$115.00 - Faculty & Staff Non-Reserved September - October $57.50

Payroll Deduction is closed.

Fines owed by students, faculty and staff are considered to be debts to the University and will be collected accordingly. You will not be allowed to register a vehicle if you owe the University fines associated with Parking and Traffic Violations.


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