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Military Science (Minor)

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Military Science
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military science (minor) PROGRAM OVERVIEW

The U.S. Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) prepares students to commission as officers in the United States Army, Army Reserves and Army National Guard. Army ROTC offers premiere leadership-development courses focusing on: organization, leadership, ethics, military history, and small unit tactics. Students can take freshman and sophomore level military science courses with no commitment or contract for military service.




High School Students: Current high school students should prepare by applying to ECSU, and emailing one of the Cadre for a meeting at Dixon-Patterson Hall. 

Current Students: Email one of the Cadre for a meeting at Dixon-Patterson Hall to discuss ROTC requirements and benefits. Register for a Military Science class to begin learning more about U.S. Army leadership.

Current Military Members: Simultaneous Membership Program: allows you to take Army ROTC courses while also serving in the U.S. Army Reserve or U.S. Army National Guard.

It gives you an opportunity for additional training and experience. Cadets serve as officer trainees in the Reserve or National Guard while completing college. You can earn Reserve/Guard pay and benefits in addition to your Army ROTC allowances.

Green-to-Gold Program allows Active Duty Soldiers the opportunity to take Army ROTC courses and earn a degree in 2 years. Green-to-Gold cadets can remain on active duty while attending school or leave active duty while under scholarship. Learn more here.

A Minor in Military Science can easily be completed while pursuing a degree in any Undergraduate Program. ROTC is divided in two parts: Basic Courses and Advanced Courses.

Basic Courses do not require military service after graduation:

  • MIS101 Basic Military Science I

  • MIS102 Basic Military Science II

  • MIS201 Applied Leadership and Management

  • MIS202 Applied Leadership and Management II

  • MIS303 U.S. Military History

*Basic Combat Training or Cadet Basic Camp meet the requirements for MIS101 through MIS202.

Advance courses require commitment to military service and completion of Basic Courses prior to enrollment:

  • MIS301 Leadership and Management I

  • MIS302 Leadership and Management II

  • MIS401 Adv Leadership and Management I

  • MIS402 Adv Leadership and Management I

After completion of all Basic and Advance Course requirements, Cadets commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard. 

Cadets selected for Active Duty Service serve a minimum of four-years on active duty with options to serve a remaining four years in Active Duty, Army Reserve, National Guard, or Individual Ready Reserve. 

Cadets not selected for Active Duty Service serve a total of eight years in the Army Reserve or National Guard. 

Cadets have opportunities to attend additional Army training and Internships between the Spring and Fall Semesters.  All training is paid with paid travel costs (airfare, hotels, etc.). 

  • Airborne School
  • Air Assault School
  • Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT)
  • Central Identification Laboratory Internship Program (CILIP)
  • Chaplainry Internship Program (CHIP)
  • National Ground Intelligence Center Internship Program (NGICIP)
  • Health Facility Planning Activity Internship Program (HFPAIP)
  • Research Internship Program (RIP)
  • Judge Advocate General Internship Program (JAGIP)
  • Public Affairs Officer Internship Program (PAOIP)
  • Forensic Internship Program (FIP)
  • Army Medical Department Internship Program (AMEDDIP)

Available Scholarships:

  • 3- and 4-year National Scholarships
  • 2- and 3-year Campus Scholarships
  • ROCKS Scholarship


Vikings of Valor is a living learning community for like-minded students willing to serve their country or communities in law-enforcement, military, or veterans.

Department Chair

Julie M. Kendrick
Major, Logistics



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